About Stephanne

Who Is Zillions?

Zillions (AKA “Stephanne L’Hommedieu”) is an avid gamer, cat lover, D&D addict, and active member of the gaming community. She is the Owner & Director of People Operations at Hyper Esports and works with content creators in her business and passion project, The Zillions Network.

My Story

I was born and grew up in Tucson, Arizona, USA but recently relocated to West Texas. When not working, you will find me playing D&D, binging TV, traveling to conventions, or playing video games.

My love for gaming blossomed from a young age playing Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt on the NES. Gaming turned into a passion the moment I went to my first Halo LAN party. A few years later, I joined Azeroth and began playing World of Warcraft and the passion for gaming grew into an addiction. Forsaking (Undead pun intended) a regular sleep schedule and social life, I dedicated my time to raiding. My natural leadership ability and friendly, positive demeanor landed me leadership roles within my guilds over the years, including being the guild master and raid leader of a top 100 guild.

World of Warcraft began to influence me in the REAL world when I met my future husband while raiding Icecrown Citadel. I also began volunteering for fan sites and managing communities, including OpenRaid. Those connections eventually led me to begin working with content creators – which evolved into the work I do today.

My Experience

Work Experience

Customer Service & Hospitality – 22 Years
Managing a Team – 12 Years
Partnerships Management – 8 Years
Community Management – 8 Years
Managing Events – 12 Years
Budgeting & Finance – 10 Years
Office Administration – 18 Years
Working Remotely – 6 Years

Industry Experience

Information Technology – 9 Years
Video Games & Esports – 5 Years
Travel & Tourism – 5 Years
Hospitality – 10 Years